Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been steadily growing over the past six years. Recent data shows the social media juggernaut has now recruited more than 400 million users, including 30 percent of all internet users. Instagram’s large follower base means brands, companies and organizations alike need to be active and engaging on Instagram.

With so many organizations vying for attention on Instagram, a lot of pressure has been created for brands to be “the best.” Any update or change to Instagram has to be seen as an opportunity–even if the update isn’t always popular among users.

Instagram’s newest update gives users the ability to zoom in on their friends’ posts, similar to the zoom feature in the iPhone camera and photos apps. Brands are already utilizing the new feature as a way to engage with current followers while gaining new ones, ultimately leading to a larger consumer base and greater brand recognition. Utilizing the ability to zoom empowers brands with yet another social media tactic to engage their followers.

Primark, a European-based company known for its discount clothing, is one example of a brand quickly jumping on board with the new zoom feature. For example, the post below highlights 25 of the company’s products. Allowing followers to zoom in on photos, Primark can showcase more than two dozen products in the same image, knowing followers can zoom in on any particular item.

The increased growth and accessibility of Instagram means brands need to stay active and consistent to get ahead. Instagram is a great way to promote ads while building name recognition at a reasonably low cost.

One of the challenges of advertising is the need to constantly stay current and consider what social media features are evolving. Sitting out = missing out, so get in the game.