It’s heart-warming to experience the joy of the holidays.  Tis the season for family and giving, but also an exciting time for advertisers to spread happiness, cheer, and love.  We wanted to share some of our favorite holiday commercials from years past. We hope it puts you in the holiday spirit.  Happy Holidays!


John Lewis’s “Buster the Boxer”

With all the basics of a happy holiday commercial, this one has a comedic twist. It features a little girl getting the perfect gift for Christmas, a father working tirelessly to assemble this perfect gift for the daughter he loves, and some adorable wilderness animals adding extra fun. The main message being John Lewis products are fun for everyone.  We love the execution.


Amazon Prime’s “A Priest and Imam Meet For a Cup of Tea”

This ad takes a more serious note, but does a phenomenal job of spreading the message of love, which is appropriate for the holidays. It features two men from different walks of life finding common ground through the season. After meeting to share some laughs and tea, they find a connection and end up purchasing the same gift for each other.  We admire the message of love and inclusiveness that this ad conveys.  


Toyota’s “R+S”

With a similar message of love, Toyota’s “R+S” conveys its message in a different fashion. Featuring a large family working hard together to create something beautiful and sentimental for their grandparents, this is a traditional story of family love that is sure to cause a few tears.  Toyota emphasizes the togetherness and sentimental value of the holidays.  We appreciate the “family brand” image that Toyota shares with this ad.


M&M’s “Bring Everyone Together”

Who doesn’t love M&M’s and their light-hearted commercials?  When one of these M&Ms causes Santa to faint, he decides to do his job for him. However, he fails miserably, leaving it up to the citizens to give their gifts to the intended receiver.  We love this reworking of the original ad for a funny and sweet message of togetherness that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.


Folger’s “Peter Comes Home”

Originally broadcasted in 1986, this classic commercial became such an integral part of holiday ads that it has been recreated several times and still used today. It features a son coming home unexpectedly and waking up his family to the smell of freshly brewed Folgers coffee. Over the years variations have been made, changing details about the characters and adding unique personal touches. However the message is always the same: families should be together to enjoy the beauty of the holidays.