Written by Elle-Kaye Terry

One advertising campaign that has stuck with me for quite some time now was the Always #LikeAGirl campaign. I still remember the initial time I saw this campaign when I was 14 at an all-girls camp. The message was so inspiring to all of us at that time and still is today. When the campaign was first released, ‘Always,’ had been falling behind to competitors and needed to revamp its strategy to reach younger girls. The brand released a few statements about the campaign that said, “We set out to champion the girls who were the future of the brand,” and, “Girls first come in contact with Always at puberty, a time when they are feeling awkward and unconfident-a pivotal time to show girls the brand’s purpose and champion their confidence.” The campaign showed that many women lose confidence as they go through puberty and tend to forget what it means to be a girl. Always wanted to change the way it means to do something, “Like A Girl,” and take the negative connotation away from it. The response to the ad was more than Always would have ever thought. They received over 85 million youtube views from countries all over the world. The campaign won numerous awards and even went on to become a halftime segment at the Super Bowl. The fact that the ad came out in 2014 and is still being talked about today shows just how relevant it is in our lives and just how much of a hit it was. This ad was extremely cool and unique to me because it showed just how important the creative team behind the production was. The creative team came up with the idea, supported it the entire way through, and executed the idea successfully in the end. #LikeAGirl is an ad that, I believe, will continue to be shown for years to come.