Gutenberg Celebration



Introduced in 1993, the Gutenberg Award recognizes distinguished professional achievements of ACU's Journalism and Mass Communication Department alumni. The Gutenberg Celebration is the annual venue for presenting these honors. 


Prior to M+M involvement, the event was a standard awards dinner (and let's be honest, such events are rather dry). Students were reluctant to attend and generally mingled with other students instead of taking the opportunity to network with the professional attendees. A new platform could be implemented that encouraged attendees to mingle and gain connections.  


Develop, promote and implement an event that showcases the honorees while incorporating innovative ways to encourage networking between students and professionals.


The dinner format was replaced with a heavy hors d'oeuvre and dessert menu. Food tables, seating areas, and tall tables for standing are placed throughout the event space to encourage guests to move around and mingle. Other activities, like a photo booth and interactive social media components further encourage movement. 

Each year, M+M creates a theme and atmosphere of fun, great food and making new friends. The Gutenberg Celebration is now an event that students happily anticipate and that honorees and other attendees thoroughly enjoy.