The Bag that Does Life with You

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Libby Lane is a high-end handbag company based in Amarillo, Texas. Designer Libby Lane, the namesake of the company, melds high fashion and experience in the New York and Chicago fashion industries with her country roots.


With her extensive background in fashion and widespread life experiences, Lane needed a brand position that could be successful in a highly competitive industry. Influenced by both New York style and wide-open Texas ranch land, Lane was unsure how to best position herself and her handbags as a brand. She needed a positioning statement and guidance on applying that brand promise to her online presence.


Develop a brand promise that joins high fashion with rugged landscape


We thoroughly researched the industry and steeped ourselves in understanding Libby Lane. Our insight: Libby Lane bags are not just another leather handbag; they have a story and are conversational works of art. A Libby Lane bag will "do life" with you. 

We encouraged Lane to embrace the homegrown Texas roots by naming her bags after strong, influential women either in Texas history or in fashion. To set herself apart from the competition, Lane tells a story through each of her products in the descriptions and characterizations of each bag, especially on social media.


Libby Lane adopted our recommendations and has changed the names of many of her bags to ones we suggested. Stories have been developed for each bag on her website. Many of her posts now feature content from her everyday ranch life in the heart of west Texas and the bags are showcased in images consistent with top fashion shoots. Below is a mock-up we presented to Libby followed by a current example, the Audrey Tote currently featured on